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Coding education is making a huge impact throughout the developing world. People are learning the technical skills necessary to build tomorrow's cutting-edge applications. From Colombia to Lebanon, nonprofit education is opening doors in high paying technology careers for thousands of women and individuals. The work our organizations do are sparking a new wave of research in how we can create a more equal world.


The insights in this World Bank report draw on interviews with 25 coding bootcamps and 7 digital skills programs in 22 countries. The goal is to share insights and strategies from practitioners around the world on ways to recruit and retain women in coding bootcamps. 

Coding Bootcamps: Building Future-Proof Skills through Rapid Skills Training

World Bank Report

This report is part of the Rapid Technology Skills Technical Assistance (“Decoding Bootcamps”) initiative by the World Bank, which aims to collect and share examples and lessons of bootcamps in emerging markets, and measure the impact of bootcamp training on youth employment in selected countries.

Coding Bootcamps: Guide for Practitioners

World Bank Report

This toolkit provides a step by step guide for policymakers and practitioners to develop coding bootcamp programs. The toolkit provides advice on what it takes to organize training from “scratch,” and hence help form an opinion on the ultimate model on which to settle.