Our Curriculum

Código Ecuador uses time-proven methods and curriculum from leading technology companies to train our students. 

We test new exercises, collect data, and see what best prepares our students for careers in technology. At Código Ecuador, we want to create an engaging learning environment that will instill in our students a creative passion for computer programming. 

Código Ecuador's Python courses prepare students to go beyond basic Python to develop full-length applications to scrape websites, link information to databases, and visualize data. Moreover, they will learn to sharpen and fine-tune their intuition for solving common algorithmic puzzles. 


At the conclusion of the course, students will be empowered to use Python for software engineering, data science, and everyday automation.

Python Introduction: Absolute Beginner

3 Hours per Week

6 Weeks

For the first six-weeks, ​Código Ecuador uses Microsoft's online introduction to Python course for absolute beginners along with additional coding exercises. Students will spend three classroom hours per week with an instructor learning the following:

  • Using Python in Jupyter Notebooks

  • Gathering input and manipulating input/output

  • Building Reusable functions with parameters and return values

  • Decisions and repetition using conditional statements and loops

Python Fundamentals

3 Hours per Week

6 Weeks

Students spend the second six-week block building upon those basic computer science commands in Microsoft's Python Fundamentals course. Código Ecuador immerses students further into the course concepts with exciting exercises to get them thinking about real-life applications for their new skills. 

  • Python 3 fundamentals

  • Strings and List manipulation

  • Methods to Iterate through strings, lists and ranges

  • Creating, reading and writing to files

Intermediate Python

3 hours per week 

6 weeks

​​In the next part of the course, students will prepare to create full-length programs with lessons on:

  • Handling Exceptions in Python

  • Numbers, Algorithms, and More Functions

  • Regular Expressions

  • Object-Oriented Programming​

Python Advanced: Databases and Visualization

3 Hours per Week

6 Weeks

Students will learn how to run queries in SQL, manipulate data frames using Python Pandas, and create stunning visualizations to model relationships between variables using Matplotlib commands.

  • Introduction to SQL 

  • SQLite 

  • Pandas

  • Matplotlib Visualization

Python Advanced: Web Scraping

3 hours per week 

6 weeks

​​In the next part of the course, students will learn to scrape data off websites:

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript basics

  • BeautifulSoup

  • JSON Files

  • Developer Tools