Ecuador has a beautiful culture of entrepreneurship where families and individuals start their own businesses and innovate outside of the confines of big corporations and creativity stifling bureaucracies. That is why we want to do more than teach young women coding skills at Código Ecuador.


Our aspirations for the students we teach extend beyond "finding a good job." We want to help them do what they do already: Create their own opportunities and control their own destinies. 

Career Mentorship

We provide women with the resources they need to succeed!

We give our students access to information, tools, and resources to help them build lucrative freelance technology businesses, challenging them to do more than just send out their resumes.


Because we understand that skills do not necessarily guarantee access to paying jobs, we teach them the value in branding and marketing to help them build their own project pipelines. 


Finally, we ensure our students' success by teaching them about the applicability of their new skills across all industries and job functions to help them become successful entrepreneurs.